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When the Moon is Full Audio

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When the Moon is Full

When The Moon is Full   

Supernatural Stories from the Pennsylvania Mountains

These are five of Robin’s scariest stories, sure to send a shiver up the spine and delight both children and adults who are attracted to the supernatural wonders of the natural world. 

Stuffed Panther—Adapted from Henry W. Shoemaker’s Two Pennsylvania Mountain Legends, Pennsylvania Folklore Society, 1928.

Skullplayer—Adapted from M.R. Harrington’s Dickon Among the Lenapes, Rutgers University Press, 1963.

Uncle Bill’s Dream—Adapted from Shoemaker’s Two Pennsylvania Mountain Legends, 1928.

Spearfinger—Adapted from James Mooney, Myths of the Cherokee, Bureau of American Ethnology, 1898.

Dark Catrina—Original Robin Moore material, Groundhog Press, 1989.

Bill O’Connell: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin

Rhona O’Connell: Vocals

Pauline Doyle: Vocals

Dave Miller: Fiddle

Published by Groundhog Press


Audio Recording Approx. 30 minutes 

For Ages 8 and Up.

Our Price: $9.00

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