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When the Moon Is Full Book

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When the Moon is Full Book

Supernatural Stories from the Pennsylvania MountainsWhen the Moon is Full Book


Here are six haunting tales drawn from the rich folklore of the Pennsylvania Mountains. In this thrilling collection, you will enter a world lit by starlight and moonbeams, where truth hides in the shadows and even ordinary things become otherworldly.You'll meet a hunter who spends the winter in a bear's cave and becomes a bear himself and a fiddler whose girlfriend turns into a wolf at night. A grieving mountain lion brings her stuffed mate back to life and a young man lost in the wilderness is rescued by an eight-foot tall hairywoman who will later bear his child. Approximately 130 pages. For ages 8 and up. 



"These stories are beautifully written and quietly chilling, full of shape-changing and weird, primitive archetypes. A professional storyteller, Robin Moore knows how to draw his readers gently into this mysterious world, giving them something to dream about without giving them nightmares."

Kirkus Reviews


"Moore puts flesh on folktale bones with these six effective yet unsensationalized tales of the uncanny. An individual gone wild (and then reclaimed--or not, depending on the tale) is a recurrent theme. The language is informal and the story structure solid, making this a good offering for both reluctant and voracious readers."



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