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What's Wild is Wild Audio

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What's Wild is Wild

What’s Wild is Wild

A Journey into the Wilderness of the Imagination

These stories bring the wild world to life and help us to reclaim our connection to the beauty and mystery of nature. 

The Bear Man—Adapted from James Mooney’s Myths of the Cherokee, Bureau of American Ethnography, 1898. 

What’s Wild is Wild—Original Robin Moore material, 1992.

Hairywoman—Traditional Appalachian folktale learned from David Holt. 

Hodadenon—Traditional Seneca folktale learned from Joesph Bruchac.

Caribou Man—Traditional Inuit folktale learned from Diane Wolkstein. 

A Dream of Birds—From J.B. Priestley’s Man and Time, 1989.

Published by Groundhog Press

Audio Recording Approx. 60 minutes

For Ages 8 and Up

Our Price: $9.00

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