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Storytelling Programs

 Why Storytelling?

Storytelling is the oldest and most versatile of the language arts, appealing to various learning styles and cognitive ability levels. Storytelling embraces all four of the primary language skills:





When stories are told in a compelling manner, the listener and teller fall into a powerful resonance from which imaginative reading, authentically-inspired writing and creative problem-solving can emerge.

Most importantly, storytelling leads us back to what it means to be essentially human. Intelligent and empathetic listening prepares us all to be citizens in a world that is becoming more diverse and complex with each passing year. The pressing issues of tolerance, bullying and cultural understanding can be effectively and artfully addressed through the use of story.

And—let’s not forget this—storytelling is fun! When we are intrinsically rewarded by an activity which goes far beyond testing and grading and worksheets, the creative imagination soars, language blossoms and academic concepts and skills are easily retained and safely stored in memory, where they can be easily retrieved when needed.


We focus on the essential skills of storytelling, story listening and story creating with time-tested methods for Awakening the Hidden Storyteller and Discovering the Natural-Born Writer in us all. Bring the gift of story to your students-- and they will never doubt the power of the imagination!

Storytelling programs can be offered in full or half day formats.  See pricing for more details.


“If you want your children to be smart, read them fairytales”

Scientist and Humantarian, Albert Einstein