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Tipi-Raising Programs

Robin brintipi raisinggs a completely interactive field trip to your school. This is a hands-on living history project designed for groups of 30-60 children.

Working as a team, the students erect a 16-foot Cheyenne Tipi, indoors or out. Robin uses this magnificent structure as a teaching space to compare and contrast how the Lenape Indians who lived in Pennsylvania and the Cheyenne Indians who lived on the high plains of the Western U.S. used the plants and animals in their environment to craft a life based on a respect for everything that is alive. Robin has been conducting this field trip for 25 years and has safely and successfully erected this tipi in every imaginable school setting.

Schedule allows for one morning and one afternoon tipi-raising group. Tipi will remain up all day on school grounds so all classes can receive a guided tour if they wish.

"An essential part of our PA History Studies."

Simmons Elementary School, Horsham, PA


"Our All-Time Favorite Field Trip!"

Friends Central School, Wynnewood, PA


"A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience!"

 Episcopal Academy, Paoli, PA


Free Teacher's Guide

Download The American Indian Tipi Guide for Teacher's, Free!

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