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The Bread Sister of Sinking Creek Book

$16.00 each

Here is the widely-acclaimed story of 14-year-old Maggie Callahan's struggle to survive in the wilderness of Pennsylvania during the 1770's. Armed with her knowledge of bread baking and a strong streak of stubbornness, Maggie overcomes the dangers of frontier life to find herself a place in the wild world. This is the first in a series of three historical fiction novels for children about women on the frontier. Approximately 150 pages, Hardbound Collector's Edition. Profusely illustrated by William Sauts Bock. Grades 3-8.Bread sister book

"The hardships of Maggie's life are simply told but grittily realistic while his skill as storyteller comes through in the tall tales told at a boisterous Christmas party scene. Moore rounds out the book with several pages on the history of sourdough bread, recipes for starter and for a simple-to-make bread. A good addition to the many books available on life in Early America."

--School Library Journal

"This strong female character is a wonderful role model for adolescent girls. Yet many boys in my class are avidly reading as well. The author visited our elementary school, did workshops for our students and told them to write from what they knew. As an author, he respects children and values their ideas. By never talking down to them, he has made the life of Maggie Callahan come alive with the richness of the English Language. It is rare that a book can make you visualize exactly what you are reading, and in such detail. My fourth graders, who are also hooked on Harry Potter, are now finding a parallel universe in The Bread Sister Trilogy."

--Teacher Review

Recommended Book—National Council of Teachers of English